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Take scuba diving to the next level with Nitrox!  Extend your bottom time easily and effortlessly.  This course will train you in the proper use of Nitrox, after which you can then add Nitrox onto any of your dives for an additional $10.00 per tank. 

Nitrox Training Course Highlights
  • Greatly increase your bottom time!  See the table below for a detailed look at the benefits of Nitrox.

PADI Allowed Bottom Time Comparison
See what a difference Nitrox can make!

Depth Air 32% Nitrox 36% Nitrox
50 feet 80 min. 200 min. 200 min.
60 feet 55 min. 100 min. 100 min.
70 feet 45 min. 60 min. 60 min.
80 feet 35 min. 50 min. 60 min.
90 feet 25 min. 40 min. 50 min.
100 feet 22 min. 30 min. 40 min.
110 feet 15 min. 25 min. 30 min.
120 feet 12 min. 25 min. N/A
130 feet 8 min. 20 min. N/A
  • Train with one of Cozumel's finest dive shops, and get certified with PADI, the world's #1 standard.
  • Enjoy decreased fatigue at the end of your dives, and decrease your chance of getting "The Bends"!
  • Lasts just 3-4 hours, so you still have plenty of time to do an afternoon boat dive that same day!
Cruise Passengers:   Yes!  This excursion is open to all cruise passengers as well as hotel guests.  Escape the crowded cruise excursions with this exclusive tour.

When: Daily at 10:00 AM

Where: Hotel Barracuda. Exact meeting instructions will be specified on your confirmation.

How Long: 3 to 4 hours (not including dives)


  • Hands-on Expert Instruction
  • All Course Materials
  • PADI Certification Fee
  • NITROX Certification Card
  • 2-Tank NITROX Dive
  • Tanks & Weights

Requires:  Open Water Certification Card

Ship Price Cozumel Price Our Price You Save!
N/A $149.00 $134.00
Includes Tanks.  
Rental Equipment: Masks & Fins $5.00, Regulator $10.00, BCD $10.00, Wet Suit $10.00, Computer $10.00, Dive Light $10.00.
Paid in Cash the day of the tour. Prices are in USD.
Ship Price Cozumel Price Our Price You Save!
Just the course and Tanks and Weights.
You can book a dive separately here.


Why learn to dive Nitrox?  How about DOUBLE the bottom time!  Plus you'll feel less fatigued after your dive, and lessen your risk of Decompression Sickness.

Don't Forget:  

  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Open Water Certification Card
  • Extra money for rental equipment (if needed), PADI certification card and course materials
  • Biodegradable Sunscreen
  • $5.00 USD Cash per diver for Govt. Marine Park Tax

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What is Nitrox?  
Nitrox is simply compressed air that contains a higher Oxygen content than normal scuba tanks.  While the air you breathe is about 21% Oxygen and 79% Nitrogen, Nitrox is about 36% Oxygen and 64% Nitrogen.
The decreased amount of Nitrogen in your bloodstream is what helps keep you from getting "The Bends" and the increased Oxygen helps you feel less tired at the end of your dive.

Punta Langosta
7 Min. by Taxi
International Pier 3 Min. by Taxi
Puerta Maya 3 min. by Taxi
Check with your ship to see which pier you are arriving at.
Taxis are lined up waiting for you as you get off the ship.  Very easy. Should cost only about $8.00 USD  from Intl and Puerta Maya piers and $9.00 from Punta Langosta.